Biggest Wedding Planning Mistakes

Planning for your wedding day doesn't have to be overwhelming or unbelievably stressful - especially if you avoid the more common, major mistakes. Here are our ten biggest no-no's and how to avoid them:

1. Creating your final guest count before finalizing your venue location

While having a good idea of who you plan to invite is awesome, make sure you’re not inviting more than your venue can handle. Keep in mind that every venue will have a different capacity, so be sure you know that number before making any final guest count decisions! Having to un-invite someone to your wedding is awkward, to say the least.

2. Buying a too-small wedding gown with the hopes of losing weight before your wedding day

If you are working out and eating right to lose some weight before your wedding day, then you go, girl! Just be cautious of buying a gown smaller than your current size in hopes of fitting into it before your big day. Not only will you be adding a whole new stress load to your plate, but there’s always the possibility of you still not being able to fit into it come your wedding day. Keep in mind that it is always possible for a tailor to remove extra fabric, but you can’t magically make a dress larger.

3. Not reading the fine print of your vendor contracts

It is SO important to make sure you understand the policies of each vendor you hire. You should be aware of what their regulations are in regards to cancellations, accidents, acts of God, payment schedules, and all other specifics. Don't legally bind yourself into a situation you can't or don't want to actually be in.

4. Trying to please everyone

Planning your wedding can become a messy web of trying to please others, whether it’s your mother, your partner’s parent, your bridesmaids, a grandmother, siblings, or otherwise. It can become especially tricky if the person you’re trying to please is financially contributing to the wedding. Add an extra layer of "ugh" if you're a natural people pleaser like us. Being flexible and having some degree of give and take can be a good thing, but don’t feel that you need to compromise everything you want for your special day in order to make someone else happy. After all, it is YOUR wedding.

5. Skimping on Photography

When your wedding day has come and gone, your wedding photos will be what remains. Of course you have your own memories, but the pictures will be solid, physical memories for you to look back on throughout the years. Your photographer captures the big stuff like the first kiss, the cake cutting, the processional, and all that other stuff, but they also capture all the small, candid moments that make the day worthwhile. They capture your mom wiping away happy tears during the ceremony, when grandpa decided to hop out to the dance floor and break out some moves, when your sister and you maid of honor stole the mic for some impromptu karaoke, and all the other little moments that make your wedding day oh-so special.

6. Being Unprepared for Mishaps

What happens when the generators or your outdoor wedding runs out of gas? Are there enough outlets in appropriate places for your DJ? Do you have a rain plan in place for your outdoor ceremony? When it comes to a wedding, just like any event, mishaps are bound to happen. What matters most is how well prepared you are for them. You should always have a backup plan for everything, and then a backup plan for the backup plan. If you have wedding planner brain like us, you may even have three or four backup plans of backup plans. Of course it is impossible to be prepared for every absolute possibility, but it’s better to be over prepared than not at all!

7. Trying to DIY it all

It’s true that making some decorations and things yourself for the wedding can save you money, but trying to DIY it all can cost you a lot more time and money in the long run. Don’t let the Pinterest fever fog your best judgement. Of course intricately carved pumpkins filled with home grown florals would be stunning for your fall wedding, but how much time will you have the week of your wedding to spare on such a huge project? Have fun with putting your wedding together, but also set realistic expectations for yourself!

8. Stressing over the little things

Are the napkins all folded in a pyramid fold or silverware roll? What color shoes are the bridesmaids wearing? Is there additional decor on the dessert table? When it comes to the minor details, it’s not worth the sweat. Your guests are coming to your wedding to celebrate the coming together of two amazing people who share a beautiful, unconditional love. Of course having some yummy food and great music is a plus, your guests aren’t going to remember the exact shade of your linens or the pattern of your uplighting, let alone have it at the forefront of their minds. Wedding planning is overwhelming enough without freaking out over minor decisions, so go with your gut or delegate smaller tasks to close family and friends (or your super helpful wedding planner).

9. Not hiring a wedding planner/coordinator

Think a wedding planner or coordinator is reserved for high budget, extravagant affairs? Think again. Check out our previous blog post, “8 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner” to see just a peek of why having a wedding planner by your side will be the best thing you could do (beside say “I do” of course).

10. Forgetting to make it legal!

If you want to make your marriage legal, don't forget about your marriage license! Make sure that not only have you received one in time for your big day, but that it is signed by all responsible parties (i.e. yourselves, your officiant, and your witnesses). Also make sure that you keep it in a safe place and don't lose it!

Hopefully you'll be able to make it through your engagement without committing any of these major planning faux pas. At least, we'll keep our fingers crossed for you! Of course, if you have never planned a wedding before, there are a ton of other little things to keep in mind throughout the process. We are always open to speak with you about how we may be able to help you plan your special day with ease!

Happy planning!

XOXO, Courtney