Planning the Perfect Summer Wedding

Hello summer! It’s the busiest season for weddings here in Central New York (and for good reason!). With great weather, bright colors, and some beautiful sunshine being a few of the benefits of having a summer wedding, we can definitely understand why you’ve been dreaming about this day for years.

It’s time to turn those dreams into reality with our tips for planning the perfect summer soiree:


Beach: Who wouldn’t want to stand next to their soon-to-be spouse and say their vows with toes in the sand and a breeze blowing by? You’ll have a beautiful backdrop for your “I do’s” and some of the best photo spots that your photographer will love. You may also decide to have a destination wedding to a tropical location a couple states away or out of the country completely. It’s a fantastic opportunity to make your wedding weekend an unforgettable vacation with your family and closest friends. Although those events may cost a pretty penny, you’ll have priceless memories from your trip to paradise.

Backyard: It’s comfortable, close to your heart, and makes the whole event an intimate gathering that you just can’t find in any other venue. Having a beautiful backyard wedding is perfect for small guest lists and small budgets. Renting a venue can take up a huge chunk of your wedding fund so by choosing a backyard venue you can save some money that can be later spent on decorations or food for the night. Just be sure to factor in the cost of outdoor catering along with rentals of a tent, furniture, and restroom trailers. Your own home will lack the perks that a professional, tried and true wedding venue can offer, so make sure you're completely prepared

Your Look

Hair: Alright ladies, odds are your beautiful summer day will also be a hot and humid one! Try to choose classic up-dos that will keep your hair off your face and neck to make you feel cool and comfortable all day long. If your hair is prone to curling up or frizzing out in the heat, make sure to talk to your stylist to find the best style for your special day.

Makeup: It’s going to be a sweaty mess full of shiny foreheads and running eyeliner if you aren’t prepared for the heat on your wedding day. Make sure to choose products that won’t be too heavy on your face or would run the risk of getting ruined throughout the festivities. Pack blotting papers and powder with you so you are always ready for a touch-up before pictures or big moments during the day


Colors: You have so many different options for color schemes in the summer. Bright pinks, oranges, yellows are great to bring out that summer vibrancy in your photos. Light blues and teals are perfect for a beachy vibe even if you aren’t having your wedding on one. You can also do a classic navy and white palette with some tans and a splash of pink to pop some color.

Flowers: Dahlias, hydrangeas, and garden roses would all be gorgeous choices for your bouquets this time of year. They are soft, full, and elegant in any setting – you just have to keep them that way! Be careful of wilting petals in the heat or discoloration from lack of hydration. Trying keeping your bouquets and arrangements in a cool place before the ceremony and reception. They’ll last longer and look perfect for your event if they are well taken care of before everything gets started


Bar: Two words - frozen drinks. Add them to the menu and even consider making one your signature drink for the evening! Your guests will love a good cool down after being in the heat all day. Plus, they’re extremely festive for the time of year.

Buffet: Be aware of flies! They’ll love your buffet just as much as your guests if you don’t protect the dishes properly. Limit the menu to dishes that won’t run the risk of spoiling… and be sure to keep things cold and covered throughout the event.

These are just a few tips for making your summer wedding wonderful! Of course, there is always more where that came from. If you need more help with planning your big day or are looking for a coordinator to bring it all together, contact us today! Check out some summer pinspiration on our Pinterest page as well.

Happy planning,