Honeymoon Planning 101

Sure you have the linens, the cake flavors, and the centerpieces picked out, but what about the trip of a lifetime you’re going to take after the big day? Believe it or not, your honeymoon requires just as much planning as your wedding day. (Okay, maybe not as much, but it’s still something to plan ahead for!)

Panicking about the last-minute travel details or choosing what to pack for your romantic getaway? Not to worry, we created a list of things to get you thinking about your special trip and help you start planning for the most relaxing part of your wedding.

Picking the Right Spot

First thing’s first, you have to know where you’re going! Are you looking to get out of the country or stay in the states? Are you up for adventure or just pure relaxation? Looking to splurge or are you going for something more affordable? These are all questions that are going to affect your perfect honeymoon location.

-Beach Bungalows: You can’t go wrong with Aruba, Hawaii, or Fiji for a tropical getaway!

-Tour de Europe: Have an adventure abroad (and get more bang for your buck) by traveling to as many countries as you can.

-Across the U.S.: Why not travel across the country for the ultimate road trip?

Make It Official

Once you have the location picked out you can start planning all the fun stuff! Shop around for the cheapest flights (if needed), make reservations at restaurants or spas, and reserve spots on any excursions you might be interested in. Booking these little details months in advance will save you a lot of stress as the trip approaches. Plus, it gives you something to look forward to after the big day!

Shopping & Packing

What to wear, what to bring, how to store everything? Shopping for new clothes and then figuring out the best way to pack them would make anyone want to rip their hair out. It may seem impossible at first, but if you know the do’s and don’ts of honeymoon packing it will be one more easy thing to cross off your checklist.

Confirm the Details

Making sure you confirm everything for your honeymoon is probably one of the most important things about planning the trip. Check to see if the hotel is still booked for the right dates, transportation is scheduled correctly, or if you have the proper currency and/or identification if you plan on leaving the country, etc. It never hurts to double check!


This is your first trip as a married couple! Enjoy it! More importantly, enjoy spending time with each other. The last few months leading up to the wedding can be chaotic, stressful, and downright crazy! Take this time away from everything and everyone to enjoy your new relationship and soak up the last days of wedding bliss.

Have a honeymoon planning story to share? Tell us in the comments below! If you're planning your honeymoon and need some help, Magically Yours offers honeymoon planning services - give us a call to learn how we can help you plan your romantic getaway stress-free! Also check out our Pinterest page for loads of pinspiration.

Bon voyage!