How to Choose a Signature Drink for Your Special Day

Cocktails hours are a great way to kick off your reception and to keep your guests occupied in the time between the ceremony and the reception. But they can also get pretty pricy, especially if you opt for an open bar. To save money (and to keep the bar & wait-staff sane) couples are starting to choose a smaller menu featuring beer, wine, champagne, and a couple signature cocktails.

Having a signature drink is the perfect solution for couples looking to add a little something extra to their special day. We've got some tips to help you pick a recipe that is both unique and meaningful:

1. Based on the season

Who doesn't love a good spring, summer, fall or winter-themed wedding? They're festive, they're fun, and they're full of seasonal flair! An easy way to stick with the theme is to pick an ingredient for your drink that screams whichever season you have chosen. For example, some great flavors to use for a fall wedding would be crisp apple, cinnamon, caramel, or pumpkin spice.

2. Based on the color scheme

After spending weeks picking the perfect color palette for your wedding party, your flowers, and your reception decor, why not choose a contrasting color to really make a splash! Adding a pop of color through your signature drink is a great way to compliment a neutral color scheme like khaki, navy, or gray (and not to mention, they'll look great in pictures, too!).

3. Based on the location

Whether you're having your wedding in a tropical destination spot or right in your hometown, signature drinks that represent your location are always a hit among guests. Any craft breweries or small wineries near your venue? Serve of some of their classic blends as one of your signature drinks! You could also think of different ingredients that are local to the area - be as creative as you'd like, but just try to keep it simple!

4. Based on the couple's personality

And let's not forget about who we're celebrating that day! This is your wedding - don't be afraid to make unique to your story. Maybe you met while getting a drink at the bar or maybe one of you has a go-to drink that you're famous for ordering. Having a signature drink that represents your relationship will add a personal touch to your day that all of your guests are sure to enjoy!

No matter what recipe you choose for your signature drink, be sure to test it out before the big day! Certain flavors and ingredients might sound great together, but tasting great might be a different story. Make sure it’s something that you would want to sip on all night and something that all of your guests can enjoy!


Alexis Verone