11 Ways To Make Mom Feel Special At Your Wedding

Happy Mother’s Day! A big shout out to all moms and grandmothers out there! Even though it is the biggest day of your life (so far), take the time to make your mom feel special on your wedding day too. After all, where would we be without our moms? Here are just some of the many ways to make your mom feel special on your wedding day:

1. Try to include her in the smaller decisions like:

  • Wedding Invitations – she may have great ideas for how they could look or the wording!

  • Wedding favors – some moms love being able to come up with the little details. For example, one of our bride’s mom's came up with the idea of candy-filled tea cups for guests to take home!

  • Bridal shower planning – while this is commonly hosted and planned by the Maid of Honor, your mom may also have some unique, fun ideas for the event. She can also be super helpful with knowing whom to invite and which items not to forget on the registry.

2. Bring mom along for wedding dress shopping. Have some fun with it and even make her try on some crazy gowns! You may also want to purchase an elegant dress for her to wear on your special day (if it’s in your budget, of course).

3. If it fits your situation, have both mom and dad walk you down the aisle! She will never forget this moment. Breaking tradition never hurts - just be sure to not upset dad. Some brides even choose to have their mother as their Matron of Honor. This is a great way to make mom feel included and super special!

4. Don’t forget mom on the morning of the big day! She would love to get ready with you and your girls. Maybe even take her aside and let her know how much she means to you before the craziness of the day unfolds. You could ask her to borrow something she wore on her wedding day and incorporate it into your big day. If she doesn’t feel comfortable joining you and your bridal party for the getting-ready festivities, give her a gift card and appointment for a mani/pedi so she will still feel pampered and loved!

5. Another idea that we love is dedicating some space in the program for a special note to your mom. Thank her for everything and let her know how special she is! This is especially great if your mom had a large role in paying or planning for your wedding.

6. Try decorating her chair at the ceremony with a simple flower and thank you note. Sometimes, it’s the small gestures that mean the most.

7. Surprise mom with her favorite dessert at the reception. She’ll know that you were thinking of her while she enjoys one of her favorite treats.

8. Another fun surprise for mom would be displaying photographs from her wedding. You can have a small table at the reception for photos from each of your parents’ wedding days or incorporate the photos in other decorations like aisle markers at the ceremony, centerpieces, or even around the desserts!

9. Set aside some time to have a little photo shoot with just you and mom. She will appreciate the attention you are giving her on your special day - and it will give you some time to escape and relax with her.

10. If you would like, let mom say a few words at the reception. Not only will this give her a little time to share thoughts and advice for you and your husband, but she will love it!

11. If you have lost your mother before your wedding day, there are still ways to incorporate her love and memory into your wedding day. Carry a photo of her in a locket attached to your bridal bouquet. Dedicate a seat at the ceremony to where she may have sat, decorating it with a photograph of her alongside some flowers. You may even choose to have a prayer for her or a moment of silence in her memory.

Be sure not to forget your new mother-in-law – she’s about to be a big part of your life too! Take your mom and mother-in-law out for lunch before the wedding. This will give them time to get to know each other a little better. They will also love that you are letting them in on wedding day plans.

Do you have any other fun, special ideas for showing some love to your mom on your wedding day? Let us know in the comments!


Alexa Macri