Eloping: The Pro's and Con's

Is eloping right for you? Maybe you’re pulling your hair out with the stresses of wedding planning, or maybe you just really hate being the center of attention. No matter what your reasoning may be, it is still important to weigh out all the pro’s and con’s. Be sure to consider all your options when deciding between a traditional wedding or eloping to a more private location. Here’s a little advice from Magically Yours!

The Pro's

Saving Money

Obviously, the first thing that pops into couples’ minds is the extra money they will be saving by eloping. Without a cake, catering to feed possibly hundreds of mouths, floral arrangements, décor rentals, a traditional gown, hair and makeup, and essentially every other standard wedding expense out the window, eloping can make total sense for the extra budget-conscious couple. Who wouldn’t want to have some extra cash to begin their lives together? You can even get married and honeymoon in the same location to save on travel expenses. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of being married on a Florida beach or in a college town where you and your fiancé first met. Combine your ceremony and honeymoon for the ultimate lovebirds’ adventure!

Easier to Plan

Eloping means not worrying about seating plans, choosing bridesmaids gowns, or guest lists. It’s just you, your fiancé, and the love you share for one another. Since just the two of you will be doing all of the planning and financial contributing, you don’t have to answer to anyone.

Less Stressful

Weddings can be extremely tiring and stressful to plan, sometimes feeling like a second full time job when done without the help of a professional wedding planner. From picking out a dress and flowers to creating a seating chart, becomes a lot of work. Since eloping doesn’t involve all the fluff and frills involved with a more traditional wedding, you will not need to sweat over anything you don’t want. There are a lot less details to worry over.


Eloping can be a very intimate experience for you and your fiancé. If you don’t like being the center of attention, have crowd anxiety, or maybe have a strong fear of public speaking, standing at an altar in front of over 100 people may not be your thing – which is totally okay! If sneaking off to a tropical beach, Las Vegas chapel, or even your local courthouse sounds more your style, then eloping may definitely be for you.

Photographers Will Love You

Most professional photographers live for capturing the most awesome and special of life’s moments, and elopements are no exception. With no nitty-gritty timelines to adhere to, time restrictions, or pressures from your family and friends, photographers are allowed a lot more freedom and creativity. You may find that the photos taken from your elopement were above and beyond anything you would have been able to manage during the not-so-lengthy cocktail hour or the more manageable squeeze of a first look.

The Con's

Disappointing Family & Friends

There is no way to get around it—your family and friends will be disappointed about not being a part of your special day. They want to be there to share this magical time with you and your fiancé, which is completely natural. If you receive some backlash from loved ones, kindly remind them that you wanted to celebrate your love in the way that felt best to you both! You have to do whatever makes YOU happy. Don’t be afraid to stand up for that. You may also plan some sort of post-elopement party to celebrate your new marriage in a way all your family and friends can still enjoy together.

Fewer Photographs

You may still have professional pictures taken, but you will miss out on all the photos your family and friends will take. Instead of having an awesome wedding hashtag to search through and lots of iPhone pictures taken by loved ones, you will be relying solely on your photographer to capture the moment. This means choosing the right photographer for the occasion will become even more important.

Less “Perks”

Along with weddings come bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and gifts! Sometimes when you elope, you miss out on these events and perks. You may decide to throw some sort of post-wedding celebratory get-together with your family and friends, but you will not necessarily enjoy the standard pre-ceremony parties and showering of gifts that you would have if you hadn’t eloped.


Once it’s done, it’s done. Just like the decision to be married, how you go about doing it can be just as huge. If you plan to elope and then have some major anxieties about it, take a step back. Think through what it is about eloping that is stressing you out. Then decide if it’s worth it to elope or to have the standard celebration surrounded by loved ones.

These are just a few of the pros and cons that come with eloping. Just like saying “I do,” the decision to elope is a huge commitment. Think carefully when deciding if this is what is right for you and your fiancé and consider all of your options. No matter what you decide, stick with what feels best for you!

Did you and your fiancé elope or have you considered it? Let us know what you think about eloping in the comments below - we’d love to know! Also, check out our Pinterest for elopement ideas and tons of other wedding inspiration.

Happy Planning!

Courtney Henson & Alexa Macri