Groomsmen Gift Ideas That Don't Suck

Buying gifts for your groomsmen can be fun and exciting. You don’t have to get the same gift for everyone - buy something that fits their personality. Have fun with it! Here are some gift ideas that your groomsmen really want:

Mini Bar in a Jar

This is one of our favorite ideas. This idea is also customizable: you can use it for everyone and just change the type of alcohol included inside. Add small bottles of Jack and Coke or bottles of vodka and whiskey. If you know your groomsman’s favorite type of alcohol, that’s even better. Add bottle openers or glasses too if you’d like. Be creative!


Watches have forever been a popular groomsmen gift. There is a reason for this: men love them! Your groomsmen can even show off their snazzy gift on the day of the wedding.

Monogrammed Money Clip or Wallet

Another popular gift! This is a great one because it fits various budgets. Monogramming anything adds a personal touch.


Sunglasses are a great gift idea, especially for a summer wedding. You can never have too many sunglasses. You can even get all of your groomsmen matching sunglasses to wear on your big day for a fun photo! This is another budget-friendly gift.

Beer Cooler

You can find some pretty snazzy beer coolers online - we love the ones that Exclusively Weddings carries! If you want, fill it up too! Who doesn’t want a cooler filled with their favorite beverages, no matter what the situation?

Grill Utensil Set

What’s a man that doesn’t have his own set of grill utensils? You can never go wrong here! Grill tool sets always come in handy and are a great gift for almost anyone!


Cologne is another gift that has always been popular. Again, it fits various budgets. For some guys, you can never own enough cologne! When you smell good, you feel good, right? Just make sure you purchase different scents for each groomsmen, just in case they decide to wear it on the big day. Talk about Ralph Lauren overload!

Whiskey Decanter

Whiskey decanters are a great gift! You can also have them personalized or monogrammed. Everyone will appreciate a nice whiskey decanter. Maybe even throw in some nice matching glasses to go along with it!

Also, if you prefer to pay for a wedding expense instead, try taking care of your groomsmen’s tuxes! Looking for even more ideas for what to give your favorite guys on your big day? Check out our Pinterest page! Did you have any awesome, unique groomsmen gifts for your wedding? Let us know in the comments!


Alexa Macri