Creative Ways to Propose to Your Bridesmaids

You were just asked one of the most exciting questions: to spend the rest of your life with someone you love unconditionally. Now it’s your turn! It’s time to round up your bridesmaids to experience this special time with you. Whether you get them all together or ask them individually, we think this is almost as much fun as your proposal. Your bridesmaids will be alongside you through the good and the bad of your wedding planning experience. Below, we’ve shared just a few creative ideas to help you pop the question to your maid/matron of honor and bridesmaids.

Personalized Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are always fun because there are various items and trinkets you can include. They are also easy to personalize for your bridesmaids’ individual personalities. Some items to include can be a photograph of the two of you, a bottle of champagne or wine, nail polish, or jewelry. “Bridesmaids getting-ready robes” are fun as well!

Ring Pop Proposal

It’s your turn to get down on one knee and propose to your friends, except swap out the shiny rock with a Ring Pop! This not only will be totally fitting, but hilarious too! You can find Ring Pops at most grocery stores in the candy aisles. With this idea, you could also include a gift or sentimental card.

“Help Wanted” Ad

Create a “help wanted” ad, describing all of the duties needed to help keep you sane during this exciting and busy time of your life! You may also want to include a gift. Then send along to your future bridesmaids!

Balloon Message

This is one of our favorites, and probably one of the most exciting! The image featured here shows the items you will need to make this one possible. Find a box - bonus points if it's decorated and cute - that will fit a small inflated balloon. Tie a string to the balloon with the end having a “pop me” note attached. You can also include a safety pin to making popping easier! Before filling the balloon with air or helium, place your message and fun confetti inside. Be careful adding glitter. Even though it's pretty, glitter is nearly impossible to clean up entirely! Once your bridesmaid pops the balloon, the proposal will appear!

Picture Frame

Want to keep things simple? Add a photograph of you and your bridesmaid or maid of honor to an adorable frame. If you prefer, include a card as well.

Personalized Puzzle

Is your bridesmaid the missing piece to your wedding? Walgreens and Shutterfly both allow you to personalize your own puzzle. You can either choose a sentimental photograph of the two of you and write your proposal message on the back, or if you’re a graphic design wiz, you can design your own proposal photo! Puzzle proposals are another favorite of ours!

Scratch off Card

Instead of just a basic card, visit Inklings Paperie to purchase special, scratch off secret message cards. Your bridesmaids will love these!

Bottle of Wine or Champagne

This is a proposal on the safer side, especially if your girls love a good glass of wine. Wine and champagne never disappoint! Include a cute little note like “another question to be popped,” a card, photograph of the two of you, or even a peronalized wine glass!

Sweet Treat

You can never go wrong with sweets! Who doesn’t enjoy a sweet treat along with an offer to stand up in a wedding? This leaves no room for disappointment! Try sweets like cupcakes, recipes in mason jars, or cookies with icing messages.

Still haven’t fallen in love with a bridesmaid proposal? Visit our “All About Bridesmaids” board on Pinterest for more fun ideas!


Alexa Macri