Love Letters

From the clients and vendors who love us enough to share it with the world.

Marisa Montreal-Wright

Bride | July 2017

Courtney is the kindest, sweetest, most detail oriented coordinator. She was on top of every single item, even the ones that I didn't consider or think about. She was so enthusiastic at every meeting and genuinely interested in getting to know myself, the groom and others involved. She attended rehearsal, venue meetings and put in a full (very long!) wedding day with the rest of us. In addition, she has a very giving heart - all of our remaining flowers were transported (by Courtney!), freshened up and delivered to Ronald McDonald House. Courtney goes above and beyond and I love her for it!! : )

Lauren George + Mag Collignon

Bride and Groom | June 2017

Courtney is such a great person! It was truly a pleasure working with her and getting to know her. Courtney's organization skills were amazing, and she was extremely knowledgeable regarding wedding etiquette, but never pushy about what we should or should not do for our decidedly non-traditional wedding. Courtney's energy and enthusiasm were refreshing and she made us feel very comfortable - like part of the family! - and was integral to making the vision of our union a reality!

Mary Namy

Bride | July 2017

I don't even know where to start! If I had not hired Courtney, I'm confident my wedding would've been a disaster. It was an early ceremony and we had the worst storm my town has ever seen (I'm talking torrential downpour, manholes blown open, 3 cars totaled, generators hit by lightning etc..) Courtney was able to combat it all! She had everything organized so things still ran smoothly. She also woke up at the crack of dawn to make sure the church and the reception was decorated how I wanted it. Leading up to the wedding she also called my vendors for me to confirm details/change things the way I wanted to, so I didn't have to worry about anything. With her help, I was able to show up at my wedding and have a BLAST and not get caught up in the stress of organizing and planning. Also, she is the only reason I didn't have a meltdown during our rehearsal. The church is going through a bit of a "transition" and didn't have any organization when it came to the ceremony but Courtney took the lead and organized everything. We lost power at the reception and couldn't have music or dancing but sure enough, Courtney was running around making sure everyone had what they wanted and kept the party going. I'm not kidding when I say I could NOT have done it without her. She made our day stress free, beautiful and FUN!!

Brian Oddo

Owner | Brian Oddo Entertainment

Courtney is very professional, personable and wonderful to work with. Great attention to detail and always puts the client first. She has excellent people skills, flexible and reacts quickly to resolve challenges that often arise during your wedding day. I would highly recommend her!

Sarah Riordan

Bride | May 2017

Courtney was absolutely amazing and I could never thank her enough for everything she did. Having a day-of wedding coordinator really allowed me to let go and enjoy my wedding day without worrying about anything. Courtney is extremely organized and professional when working with other vendors. Our wedding was in Florida so we had a 'long distance' relationship prior to the wedding day. I never felt like we were far apart, Courtney was always available and knew exactly what I needed. Courtney has great attention to detail and knows what needs to get done for a wedding and is able to execute the plan amazingly. If all that wasn't enough, Courtney has the most amazing up-beat positive attitude which was very refreshing. I could tell she was genuinely excited about my wedding and her excitement is contagious. I trusted her because I knew she cared about our wedding as much as we did. I would 100% recommend using Courtney as a wedding planner for all weddings big or small!

Carolyn George

Mother of the Bride | June 2017

Courtney did a fabulous job for my daughter's wedding at Green Lakes State Park in Fayetteville! The venue was chosen because the bride & groom graduated from SU/ESF but none of us lived in Syracuse. Fortunately, we were able to rely on Courtney's connections & advice on vendors, arrangements, staging, & tipping. The wedding was even more spectacular than we had hoped for. Courtney thought of the smallest details, and eased our concerns. We could not have done it without you! The Aisle Planner was a helpful tool to track expenses & stay on plan as the date approached. I would highly recommend her to create a most memorable wedding day!

Michelle Eno

Bride | October 2016

What can I say? Courtney and her fairy-godmother-in-training were irreplaceable! Her response time to any questions or concerns, her amazing organizational skills, and her ability to go above and beyond was impressive. Coming from the catering business, I was a little weary of Courtney's price as I thought I would be able to handle everything on my own; after seeing her in action, I would gladly hire her again and again - I can not recommend Courtney enough! She was an absolute joy to work with and thorough down to every single detail. Thank you again... there is no way I would have been able to do it without you!

Lucie Crosswy

Bride | September 2016

Where do I start? My new fairy Godmother...does that still apply even though Courtney is younger than me?! Absolutely! I don't know how I could've planned a wedding in 4 months without her! Did I ever think I would use a wedding planner...never! I'm glad we were put in touch with one another (shout out to Sarah Arnold) so I could hear what she had to offer!
From the beginning, Courtney was obsessed with all of my ideas and calmed my fears of planning an out-of-state wedding in just a few short months. She handled everything from timelines, vendor suggestions & meetings, keeping my budget on track, offering ideas consistent with our theme, etc, etc, etc. There are so many decisions to make while planning a wedding, and Courtney really helped to guide me through it all. 
I had some random ideas and requests, and she pulled through with For example, since moving to the South, I have developed this odd obsession with cotton stems and wanted to somehow implement them with the flowers. I mentioned it to Courtney, and kind of thought maybe she forgot about it, because we never really talked about it again. On the wedding day, she told me she had a surprise before she brought us in to see the completed room set-up...she brings us in and there are freakin' cotton stems intertwined with the greenery on the dinner tables! C'mon!!
She was on top of EVERYTHING. We had a couple of issues with the reception venue, and she faced them all head on. She made sure every detail was perfect...not because I was telling her to, but because she genuinely cared about my husband and I having the best day of our lives.
Some words to describe Courtney: Professional. Polished. Intelligent. Classy. Sweet. Motivated. Personable. Genuine. Enthusiastic. Organized.
I could go on and on about the numerous times I thanked myself for using Courtney...yes, I am actually tooting my own horn for hiring her ;) If you're on the fence about whether or not you need/want a wedding planner, my advice is to JUST DO IT. Planning a wedding is a stressful time, and Courtney is there to take a lot of that stress away so you can just enjoy it!

Ray Alvarez

Owner & Photographer | Weddings by Ray

As a wedding photographer I pay a lot of attention to detail. Decor, colors, vibrancy, food, character and etc is what makes or breaks the foreground in your reception wedding photos. Courtney has done an outstanding job for Michelle & Mikes wedding. It definitely showed. Little attention to detail is what matters. She even had a few fall themed boxes with warm blankets out in the balcony for guests who decided to step out and felt cold. One might think that handling ALL of your wedding planning duties as the bride might be easy, especially in an era where most people treat these things as DIY project. However, working with many coordinators in the past I must admit that a wedding planner/coordinator is a must have. For all of your needs on your special day... do not stress yourself more than you should. Let her take care of your duties, let Courtney make it Magically Yours.

Sarah Arnold

Bride | September 2015

I couldn't have asked for a better teammate to help execute one of the toughest weddings possible. Courtney was a true blessing! If you are considering hiring a professional planner, I highly recommend Courtney and would be happy to share a personal reference. My best advice to anyone looking to hire a planner, be very selective when establishing this relationship. This was the smartest investment when it came to planning our wedding. If you are considering ... call Courtney!

Lisa Nash

Mother of the Bride | September 2015

As the Mother of the Bride, I must say a Wedding Planner is a MUST! To say that Courtney does an amazing job is an understatement! She will treat your wedding as if it's her own. There is really nothing she doesn't do to make the day you have dreamed of perfect!

Renee Burgess-Seymour

Bride | April 2016

Courtney Henson did an amazing job and was with us every step of the way. She is a true professional in her craft.

Caitlyn Bom

Owner & Photographer | Caitlyn Bom Photography

From one wedding vendor to another, working with Courtney was amazing! She is professional, upbeat, and will definitely keep things on point! I highly recommend her!

Charlotte Henson

Mother of the Bride | April 2016

I don't know what we would have done without Courtney! I can't imagine not having a wedding planner. As the mother of the bride you want your daughters ( my only child ) day to be a day that she will never forget. I can say that without a wedding coordinator the stress level would have ruined the day. We were able to leave all the details to Courtney and she made sure that everyone was where they were supposed to be and worked together with the vendors to make sure that everything ran smoothly. It was magical and Courtney was there every step of the way! Thank you Magically Yours for all your hard work and for making Renee' and Jamie's wedding a day they will never forget!

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